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Natural Environment Projects

The terms of reference for the Natural Environment Group (NEG) are to support the SEMS Management Group by taking action on issues identified by Relevant Authorities (RA) as potentially causing damage to the Solent's European Marine Sites, collect data to fill gaps in knowledge and understanding, and developing a scientific evidence base for the Solent.  It undertakes these tasks in three main ways as illustrated below.

Solent Information Database (SID)

Details of research and reports being undertake around the coast are recorded in the Solent Information Database.  This includes both national and local information on topics such as biodiversity, conservation and Marine Protected Areas.

If you want to include your work in this database please email details to the Solent Forum Office.

Monitoring Programmes being Undertaken by Relevant Authorities in SEMS 

As part of its annual monitoring, SEMS, also collates information from Relevant Authorities on monitoring programmes taking place around the Solent.

This file can be downloaded from the SEMS publications page.

NEG Funded Projects

NEG provides funding annually to projects that fulfil its remit to further the evidence base and address issues raised in the SEMS annual monitoring.  Please visit the NEG Projects page for more information.