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The Plastic Tide - 23/3/17

The Plastic Tide is growing by 8 million metric tonnes a year. A project has been established to harness cutting edge drone and algorithm technology to create an open source map of the plastic pollution problem, in the UK and beyond.

Drone/s will take 37,000 aerial photos of the UK coastline to develop an Algorithm, based on cutting edge Machine Learning Technology, capable of creating a clear Vision from the Skies of the plastics problem. All drone images, algorithms and coding will be open-source. They will also facilitate an extensive study into the impacts of Plastics and Marine Litter on the health and wellbeing of people.

They'll be using Zooniverse, launching at the end of March 2017, where YOU can train on their revolutionary Machine Learning program! They need to tag 30,000 images so every person who logs on and tags will be helping to build their online beach plastics database.

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Posted 23/03/2017 13:12

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