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Artecology Ltd nominated Innovation Award Finalist

Artecology Ltd has been nominated one of the Innovation Award Finalists of the Big Biodiversity Challenge 2018. Wightlink, working with Arc and consulting marine ecologists ABPMER, were looking for an opportunity to extend habitat mitigation work into net gain and long-term biological enhancement with respect to their application for upgraded port facilities at Fishbourne Ferry Terminal, Isle of Wight. Artecology Ltd proposed and designed an artificial rookpool installation.

The vertipools were moulded in high performance concrete and then hand-finished to provide the internal and external surface complexity and ecological design to suit the estuarine intertidal zone. The array works by building up ecological density across the seawall and by bending up the lower limit of intertidal organisms, making available additional space for colonisation, refuge and foraging.

The array was installed in June 2017 and after one year, a monitoring survey observed 25 species of marine organism had colonised the array and significant enrichment of the whole wall section around the pool. Results and photographs from the survey conducted in June 2018 can be viewed onboard the Fishbourne Wightlink ferries throughout the summer.

Posted 02/08/2018 12:00

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