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Conservation Advice

Natural England has a statutory responsibility to provide conservation advice for all Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) within English territorial waters (Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protection Areas, Ramsar Sites and Marine Conservation Zones). Natural England are currently preparing conservation advice packages for all Marine Protected Areas.  These packages and supporting documents help with site assessments and detail the impact of marine activity in sensitive areas. The final packages are Natural England’s formal statutory advice; view Guidance on how to use the Advice.

Natural England has also provided supplementary material to support understanding of the comprehensive evidence behind the components of the Conservation Advice for Marine Protected Areas. it has published tables with a series of guidance videos, FAQs, glossary and supporting material to aid users navigate and understand Marine Conservation Advice for Marine Protected Areas.

Conservation advice packages for the Solent's European Marine Sites are listed below. 

In recent times Natural England has also added terrestrial drivers into its advice on adverse condition/condition threat that reflect how land based activity can impact on coastal designated sites. For example, in the Solent Maritime SAC drivers now include forestry, freshwater inputs and agriculture.