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Solent Conservation Advice Workshop - 2 March 2017

This workshop was asked for by members of the Solent European Marine Sites (SEMS) Management Group at their meeting in September 2016. It was put forward as an action for Natural England (NE) to deliver. The Solent Forum agreed to assist with the delivery of the workshop in its capacity as the SEMS Secretariat.

The workshop helped coastal/marine decision makers with how to use Natural England’s new Conservation Advice packages for the Solent European Marine Site (SEMS). Using a mixture of presentations and case study exercises; it set out what environmental information is available, how this can be accessed and how this information can be used to determine the environmental effects of any proposal.

Post Workshop Resources


Accessing the Conservation Advice Packages

Natural England have been working on a series of short videos to demonstrate the functionality of the conservation advice on the Designated Sites System (DSS). This first video is designed to inform users of how to access the Conservation Advice packages via the collections page and how to search on the DSS.