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Fishing (incl. shellfisheries)

This category covers the following activities: anchored nets/lines, electrofishing, traps, pelagic fishing (or fishing activities that do not interact with sea bed), hydraulic dredges, dredges, demersal trawl, demersal seines, diving and sea angling.

Southern IFCA

Following the assessment of fisheries activities and their potential impacts on protected habitats and species, Southern IFCA have introduced local legislation, in the form of byelaws, to ensure habitats and species are protected from any damage or deterioration. There are already a number of pieces of existing legislation which afford some layer of protection to a number of MPA features. They have also produced a summary of the current management, designed to protect MPAs from potentially damaging fishing activities, which is outlined for each site in the Marine Protected Area Strategic Management Table

An example is given below for the management measures in place for the Solent Maritime SAC:

Southern IFCA's European Marine Site Habitats Regulations Assessments are also available to view for the SEMS sites.

Sussex IFCA

Five EMS are partly or fully encompassed within the Sussex IFCA district including the Solent Maritime SAC and Chichester and Langstone Harbours SPA.