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SEMS Management Scheme Activities

The SEMS Management Scheme focus is on marine and coastal activities that are non-licensable. Activities that are controlled by regulatory mechanisms such as marine licensing and planning permission are known as plans and projects and the only aspect looked at by SEMS for these is when the resultant activity from their operation impacts on the SEMS sites.  Non-licensable activities may be controlled or managed by competent or Relevant Authorities (RA) on a continuing basis or they may fall outside of any jurisdiction. Relevant Authorities often have some form of management or control over activities due to statutory functions or land ownership. Public authorities in England have a duty to have regard to conserving biodiversity as part of policy or decision making. 

Activities that take Place within SEMS

The activities considered by the SEMS Management Scheme are classified to coordinate with Natural England’s conservation advice packages. These packages show what the impacts of activities can be on designated sites. 

Each year sixteen activities are surveyed and reported on by the Solent's RAs and the findings are subsequently discussed at their annual management group meeting. The resulting SEMS Annual Management Report sets out actions, agreed by the SEMS management group, to address issues arising from activities.

What is the Role of the MMO in Managing Activities?

MMO is responsible for the assessment and managing of marine non-licensable activities within marine protected areas (MPA) for the purposes of furthering the conservation objectives of the site. This applies regardless of whether the MPA is within harbour authority jurisdiction. Where the MPA is within harbour authority jurisdiction, MMO liaise with the relevant harbour authority with regards to management.

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