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Solent Marine Sites (SEMS)

Latest Updates for 2021

SEMS Annual Management Report 2021 Consultation Closed

The Solent Marine Sites (SEMS) is one of a number of European marine sites in the UK which are designated as internationally important sites for their habitats and species. SEMS covers the harbours, estuaries, areas of open coast and inshore waters around the Solent. The site stretches from Hurst Spit in the west to Chichester Harbour in the east and includes areas along the north coast of the Isle of Wight from Yarmouth to Bembridge Harbour, as well as the mainland shores. The SEMS Management Group was established in November 2000 as a partnership, with the aim of managing the Solent's designated sites in an integrated and sustainable way.

The main aim of SEMS is to monitor the non-regulated activities that take place in the Solent to ensure that they are not having a detrimental effect on designated sites. Seventeen activities are currently monitored. Where issues are raised the relevant authorities that are part of SEMS work together to identify solutions.

Following a review of the statutory SEMS Management Scheme in 2011, a more streamlined method for surveying and reporting on the activities that take place in SEMS  was introduced in 2012, together with a new style Annual Management Report (AMR). The annual activity survey is completed in the spring by the relevant authorities and its findings are the basis of the AMR; this report is discussed at the SEMS Management Group's annual meeting in September. SEMS Strategic Stakeholders are also consulted.  Actions identified in the AMR are taken forward by the relevant authorities or the Solent Forum’s Natural Environment Group (NEG).

The Solent Forum currently provides the secretariat for the SEMS Management and Stakeholder Groups. 

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