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Solent Bird Sensitivity and Recreational Activity Mapping

The Solent Marine Sites Scheme (SEMS) of Management Annual Survey shows year on year concerns regarding disturbance to birds from a range of non-licensable recreational activities.

This mapping project seeks to better understand the bird sensitive hotspots at risk from recreational activities in the Solent and propose appropriate management options to reduce disturbance. 

There are three key elements to the project:

  1. Strategic mapping of bird sensitive areas – develop criterion to digitally map, using known datasets, and the expertise of key organisations.  Recommend improved datasets.
  2. Mapping of the activities listed above using known datasets.  Recommend improved datasets.
  3. Designing a management system to show the data digitally and set-out a range of management options for consideration.

An example of one of the activity datasets is the Solent Mudflat Disturbance Strategy led by the Solent Forum (currently on hold seeking funding).

The objective of the project is:

To map areas most sensitive to bird disturbance from a range of non-licensable activities, so as to inform strategic management options.

A project brief has been developed and funding is being sought to tender this work, discussions are also on-going with Blue Marine Foundation to include it in their proposed Solent Seascapes Project.