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Solent European Marine Sites Annual Monitoring

Monitoring activities in SEMS is extremely important to ensure that management of the sites protects the internationally important habitats around the Solent, and the birds and other wildife that depend on them.  The Solent's relevant authorities each complete an online monitoring survey every Spring. The data collected covers the period since the previous year's survey and forms the basis of the annual monitoring; details of all activities within the SEMS are reported, and any effect that these activities are having on the condition of the SEMS is noted. The Solent Forum facilitates the survey and prepares the subsequent report. The survey responses form the basis of the SEMS Annual Management Report.

SEMS Annual Monitoring 2018

Annual monitoring for 2018 took place from 1st March - 13th April 2018. The report below shows the responses.

View the Annual Monitoring Reponse Report for 2018. (Draft)

Annual Monitoring: Guidance Note for Relevant Authorities

There are some changes to the online survey in 2018, and it is recommended that relevant authorities read all of the following before completing the online survey.

Logging in and Passwords

Users need to log in to access the survey. Relevant authorities will each be sent a login name and an initial password.

General Functions


  1. Increase
  2. Decrease
  3. Remains elevated since last year (this shows that you have a concern that the current level of activity may be causing an impact)
  4. No change (this means that current activity levels are having an impact).  If an impact is suspected then 'Remains elevated' should be used to describe the activity level