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Condition Assessments

Under the EC Habitats Directive, which is relevant for Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Sites of Community Importance (SCIs), the United Kingdom is obliged to report on the conservation status of the habitats and species listed under Annexes I and II of the Directive every 6 years. There are similar reporting requirements under the Birds Directive, relevant for Special Protection Areas (SPAs). Under the Marine and Coastal Access Act, there is also a need to assess the achievement of conservation objectives for Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs). 

A condition assessment is a collation of data and evidence from variety of sources including Nature Conservation body monitoring programmes, citizen science projects, academic institutions, designation verification surveys, casework history, and activities and pressure mapping. For designated marine sites in the Solent the assessment is prepared by Natural England. There are six reportable condition categories: favourable; unfavourable recovering; unfavourable no change; unfavourable declining; part destroyed and destroyed. The assessments can be found on Natural England's designated Sites System.

Condition assessments are prepared to support decision making for MPA management. Using condition information can:

The published Condition Assessments for sites in the Solent can be viewed below: