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SEMS Management Group

The Management scheme for the Solent European Marine Sites guides the way in which Relevant Authorities will exercise their functions so as to secure compliance with the requirements of the Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC). An annual online monitoring survey will be undertaken each year by the Relevant Authorities. This will monitor changes to activities in SEMS sites; the activity categories selected will match those used by Natural England in their conservation advice packages to ensure that change can be directly related to the impacts listed in this advice. The Annual Management Scheme will include the completion and evaluation of the annual monitoring survey responses, input from the Strategic Stakeholder Group, an annual management group meeting and an Annual Management report.

Annual Meeting

The Solent European Marine Sites management group meets annually in September; it is organised by the Solent Forum.  The Group will next meet in September 2018.

SEMS Management Group Meeting 2015

SEMS Management Group Meeting 2014