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SEMS Management Group

The non-licensable activities that take place within SEMS are managed by a partnership of the Solent's Relevant Authorities which was established in 2000; its prime objective is to deliver a Solent site-wide Management Scheme (MS).  The MS guides the way in which Relevant Authorities exercise their functions so as to secure compliance with the requirements of the Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC). The Relevant Authorities who have signed up to the MS fund it and have a place on the SEMS Management Group (MG).

The SEMS MG considers the management of activities through annual monitoring, discussion and management measures, so as to ensure that they are not damaging the Solent's designated sites. Please use Natural England's Designated Sites System for site locations and details. The SEMS MG does not cover coastal development (plans and projects) that take place around the coast, this is dealt with by existing statutory licences and permissions such as Marine Licensing.

An activity survey is completed in the spring by the SEMS MG. The survey results and other information are compiled into an Annual Management Report (AMR) which is presented to the SEMS MG's annual meeting each September. 

The Solent Forum currently provides the secretariat for the SEMS Management Group and Stakeholder Group.  The SEMS Management Group will have its next annual meeting on 21 September 2022.  

Management Group Members

The following Relevant Authortities are members of the SEMS Management group: